Prevent the flu this Season by Avoiding Eight Common Practices

As we end up with the calamities of COVID, the flu has arrived. Each year many people suffer from the symptoms of flu. It lasts for almost a week or longer. Its severity depends on the causative agent and environmental conditions. Furthermore, your body’s immune system also plays an essential role in fighting against flu.

You can also prevent the flu by taking flu shots (vaccination). However, certain practices in your routine pull you toward the misery of the flu. Therefore, try to stop doing these acts for your safety. 

  1. Bumping Elbow:

Bumping elbows is an informal way of greeting. This practice took a surge during the Covid period. But is it safe? Not completely. Bumping elbows may also make you vulnerable to getting a virus. 

Therefore, when you bump the elbows, you come close to the next person, which is enough for the flu virus to transfer into your body from him. And, of course, shaking hands increases the risk of getting a virus from another person. Therefore, it is essential to follow the practice of social distancing during the flu season also. 

    2. Using a Public Restroom:

Public restrooms are one of the major causes of spreading diseases. Because many people use Public restrooms, some may suffer from different diseases. Therefore, we should avoid using public restrooms. 

However, it can be tough to avoid using public washrooms when you are out of the home. Faucets and hand towels are the primary sites where you can get a lot of germs. Therefore, if you are using a public restroom, try to have sanitary napkins and clean the faucet before touching it. 

    3. Excess use of Alcohol:

Hence, it is a common habit of Americans to sit with friends and have drinks. They used to enjoy their lives while drinking and gossiping with a group of people. Furthermore, they don’t care about the number of drinks they have taken. 

However, researches show that excess consumption of alcohol makes a person vulnerable to flu. Therefore, you should avoid alcohol consumption and turn back to the habit of drinking water, specifically during flu season. 

     4. Disruption in sleep cycle:

Proper sleep plays a vital role in the well-being of humans. Thus, it imparts crucial effects on the mental health of people. Furthermore, the sleep-wake cycle is directly connected to our body’s hormonal system. Thus, disruption in the sleep pattern can lead to hormonal imbalance, which can cause serious problems. 

Furthermore, with hormonal imbalance, our body’s defense system becomes weak, making us vulnerable to different diseases, including the flu. Therefore, we should take care of our sleep-wake cycle to be healthy and sound.

    5. Checking your Phone in Public:

The environment is full of germs, and when we go out, we unintentionally have an interaction with them. However, germs require any medium to transfer from one place to another. Thus, when you are out in public areas, you often touch railings, knobs, shopping carts, etc.

After that, we often use our phones through which most of the germs transfer to our mobile. Moreover, we are habitual in using mobile phones while eating. Here is the point when we engulf various bacteria and viruses. Therefore, we should avoid using mobile phones in public and must sanitize them when we reach home.

   6. Use of E-cigarette: 

People often think that vaping doesn’t affect the lungs, but it also damages your lung tissues. Furthermore, research shows that vaping decreases the lungs’ resistance to respiratory viruses. Therefore, it is good to leave the vaping during flu season to protect yourself. 

   7. Taking a Rideshare: 

Although, taking private rideshare may reduce your exposure to people more than public transport. However, you may also get the flu germs by touching the seats, cushions, tissue box, car handles, etc. Therefore, it will be better to avoid rideshare but if there are no other options, try to take flu shots to lessen the risk of flu.

   8. Maxing Out at the Gym:

A gym is a public place where you get exposed to many people. Furthermore, the training objects such as treadmills may have flu germs. In addition, scientists say that over-exercise may weaken your immune system. Therefore, it is better to avoid going to the gym during flu season.


Flu can be life-threatening for immunosuppressed people such as the elderly, diseased, or children. Thus, it is necessary to take extra care of yourself during flu season. Moreover, try your best to avoid the practices mentioned above to prevent a miserable condition from happening due to flu. 

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